About us

Actions carried out

Starting with December 2020, we initiated several actions on behalf of the CANEPARO cluster:


  • The Haldani Inno-Tech project, submitted and approved as a strategic project at ADR Nord-Est in the first partnership of industrial hemp;

  • We contributed to the proposal of a PNRR Project Sheet for restoring the value chain of hemp, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy; – pilot project scaling;


  • We contributed to a circular project proposal in the textile industry, with a demonstrative component, submitted within the framework of a European partnership to the Green Deal call for circular projects;

Lobby and Advocacy:

  • Continuing the efforts of the Association of Industrial Hemp Growers (ANCPI) under the Ministry of Agriculture for support in solving several aspects of the hemp economy – including successive cultivation;

  • Starting the dialogue with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy – soil enrichment practices through hemp cultivation, carbon schemes, greening schemes;


  • The cluster became a member of the European Association for Industrial Hemp (https://eiha.org)

Cluster development:

  • Application for digital advisory development, Horizon funds for H2 2022;